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Jeffrey Park
Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America, Earth, Sol, Milkyway Galaxy, The Universe and beyond...
Favourite style of art: Pencil, pen and digital
Operating System: Win XP *Shudders*
Skin of choice: Fur is awesome! =p
Favourite cartoon character: Krystal and Fox from Starfox!
I've been feeling a little down recently. :(  Just started over a week ago.  I kinda think it's funny how one can be be so happy then in a short amount of time fall back where they never want to be.  I've been doing some soul searching and praying inorder to better understand myself and my needs.  I'm sure I'll find what it is I need and gain some self understanding from it, but I'm in no mood for this right now. =p

As for my art I've got a few up and coming projects that I want to put up shortly and some I want to make you aware of.  The biggest project is a class assignment due at the end of the year involving an animation.  I'm hoping to make one with Eloth, though I still have to wait to see if it gets accepted.

Finally I will be starting up the comic agains shortly, but time is very limited this semester.

Oh yes one super last thing! :XD: I did get a scanner finally!

Wait... okay this is the super duper last thing which I stole from Kit which stole it from someone else, who stole it too. ;p

1. What is your character's name?
Blackie, well that is what everone calls him and he doesn't even have a real name just simply Black Fox.  I know its not a terribly exciting or even really much of a name, but its always seemed to suit him! ^.^

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?
He is definatly a furry character.  Technically an anthromorphic red fox, though he's always stuck in his black stage.

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?
Probably, about when is his next class.  Either that or remeber the wonderful dreams he had the night before. =p

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?
Oh definatly a T-shirt and a pair of comfortable jeans, no shoes of course. :D

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?
His eyes.  They are a blue hue much like mine and show lots of intelligence.  Also due to his black and white fur they tend to stand out.

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?
Oh yeah defiantly!  Pizza and junkfood all the way! :p  Though he probably eats a little better then me to stay slim. =p

7. How is your character similar to you?
Techniacally speaking he has the exact same personality as me.  I never really understood the point of making a fursona if it's personality isn't really yours.

8. How is he/she different?
The only diffrence between my fursona and me is our names, our appearance (he's a fox and all =p)and the fact that he's slim without as much exercise.  Darn fast metabolism! =p

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?
I sometimes wonder that, though I am pretty happy with my voice and I can sing some songs rather nicely, I wonder if my voice would really suit that of an anthro body, but what the hay I'll keep it the same. =p

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?
Probably go visit on of my furry friends and scare the pants off them. =p

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?
Not really, I don't really care what others think of my fursona after all if I did you think I would have stuck with the name Black Fox? ;p

12. What advantages does your character have over you?
Warm soft fur, sharp claws and teeth, better senses, in better shape

13. What disadvantages?
Fur is hard to maintain and sheds everywhere, claws would get in the way may be dangerous, teeth not made for chewing as much, tail would get in the way of sitting alot, and being an anthro in a human world would probably end up with me being studided in some secret lab or trained to do something I don't want to.

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?

Only my secrets which wouldn't be secrets if I told you nwo would they? ;)

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
Lol, only unfinished stuff or just a few things that are mosly scraps.

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?
Well I do want to release a nice drawing of him, and

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?
I don't know but I do think that it is possible that many people could look at my character as being darker then he is, due to the hue of his fur and popular usage of that as meaning evil or dark.

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?
Darn that is a hard one I'd go with species but if thats asking to much, I'd just go for the tail, just have to watch for fast closing doors though. =p

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?
Nope, I guess thats the sad thing about my character he's pretty alone in the furry world.  The only thing I'd have to say is Kit and Mid who their her own character is friends with Blackie in the furry world, and are online friends in real life.

20. Have you written any stories about your character?
Nope and don't plan too, my life is story enough. :)

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?
Well apparently some people *points to Kit* thought my first drawing of my fursona lacked hair on his head which I don't mind, since fur was there anyways. =p  Though Midnight-Vixen kinda gave me a cool hairdo, so I'm going with that. ;p  


22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.
"Wait, a one liner?...oh I got one... nope its gone."

23. Weaknesses and Drama
Well his weaknesses come from mine.  He's overly sensitive and let things get to me that I really shouldn't.  He's also a helpless romantic and passes up good things now, because his mind if off in the future.

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